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Most people attempt to move their furniture with the help of their friends and family; however, moving a piano by yourself is not as straightforward as you might think. The average piano weighs around 300-500 pounds, meaning you need the right tools and equipment to do it properly.

At Coast To Coast Movers, our professional moving team is fully equipped with the highest quality tools to help you! We’ve got everything from well-maintained trucks to sliders and other necessary moving supplies. We’ll keep your precious piano safe and unharmed.

We’ll handle your piano with care

While pianos are large and heavy, they’re also rather delicate. They need to be handled with care so that there’s no damage caused to the keys and strings. Pianos have a rather awkward shape—you need to measure the doorways, hallways, and staircases of all the places through which your piano will get transported. Additionally, since pianos sometimes need to be slid across the floor, there’s always a chance that you might damage your property while moving a piano. Pro movers at Coast To Coast Movers can deal with all these problems!

Stay safe and conserve energy while our movers do all the packing and heavy lifting! We don’t want our customers to get unnecessary muscle spasms or strains if we can help it. We have highly trained movers who know how to lift, carry, and transport pianos safely. Our goal is to help you relocate your piano in a smooth, professional, and timely manner.

Save your time, energy, and effort, and request a quote for moving your piano today!

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Their team is really compassionate!

My family has had a grand piano for decades, and we were all scared we might have to leave it behind since it would be too difficult to transport. However, Coast To Coast Movers packed it up and transported it to our new house with ease! I loved working with them.

-Marco S.

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